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IMAX Theatre Canada Place - Vancouver  Arts & Entertainment

IMAX Theatre Canada Place 

201- 999 Canada Place
Vancouver British Columbia, V6C 3C1
Telephone Number: (604) 682 IMAX

The IMAX Experience is as unique and powerful as the technology behind it. Images of immense size and striking clarity. Sound so clear and deep you can feel it. Giant screens that immerse you in new worlds. And specially designed theatres that transport you there. Only IMAX state-of-the-art technology creates The IMAX Experience.

Large Format Film
IMAX uses 15-perforation, 70mm film to shoot and project images of incredible sharpness. The 15/70 frame is 10 times larger than the 35mm used in regular theatres and three times larger than standard 70mm film used in classic Hollywood epics. This makes it the largest commercial film ever invented.

IMAX Cameras
The IMAX camera is an integral part of The IMAX Experience. They have been to outer space, explored the ocean floor, summitted Mt. Everest and travelled the globe. The IMAX camera is specifically designed to shoot 15 perforation, 70 mm film (15/70) - the world's largest film format. Weighing between 42 and 100 pounds, these cameras are extremely versatile and can be used in virtually any environment.

IMAX Screens
IMAX and IMAX 3D giant flat screens soar up to eight stories high and are designed to encompass your peripheral vision. These screens are painted silver to maximize the amount of light reflected back to the audience. Half the size of a football field and large enough to show a whale life-size, IMAX screens fully immerse you in the scene.

IMAX Sound
IMAX uncompressed digital, wrap-around sound is simply unsurpassed in depth and clarity. Our proprietary six-channel, Proportional Point SourceTM Loudspeaker system delivers exacting volume and quality at every seat throughout the theatre. From a small drop of rain to a massive clap of thunder, you'll hear every shade and subtlety, regardless of where you are sitting.

IMAX DMR Digitally re-mastering Hollywood Blockbusters
"As the average American movie screen grows smaller and smaller, as palaces are phased out for multiplexes, why isn't IMAX the natural home for the great Hollywood epics?"
- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
Now the extraordinary visual clarity and sound quality of IMAX presentations does transform 35mm live action films through digital re-mastering using IMAX's new patented proprietary software IMAX DMR.

IMAX digital re-mastering starts by converting a 35mm frame into digital form at very high resolution, capturing all the detail from the original. Our proprietary software mathematically analyses and extracts the important image elements in each frame from the original grainy structure to create a pristine form of the original photography. This is the most complex step in IMAX digital re-mastering.

The image on a 35mm film frame is comprised of a fine grain structure like that of all photographic images. This grain when projected on to the IMAX screen looks like a TV channel that isn't quite tuned to the station. Removing this grain while preserving the quality of the underlying image is the basis of IMAX DMR.

To create the brightness and clarity that audiences have come to expect from The IMAX Experience®, IMAX uses a proprietary computer program to make the images sharper than they were originally, while colors are adjusted for the unique technically superior characteristics of the IMAX screen. The completed re-mastered film is then transferred onto the world's largest film format, 15-perforations 70mm.

IMAX has always delivered incredible six channel multi-speaker sound that helps puts audiences in the picture. IMAX recreates this immersive experience for IMAX DMR. IMAX DMR recreates each film's original soundtrack, adding another sonic dimension to upgrade the original movie soundtrack to IMAX standards.
IMAX®, The IMAX Experience®, DMR® and "Movies Reimagined by IMAX TM" are trademarks of IMAX Corporation. Apollo 13 ©2002. Universal Studios. All rights reserved.
IMAX 3D Technology

IMAX 3D technology is the most advanced 3D film technology in the world and is based on human vision. When you look at an object, each of your eyes sees a slightly different view. Through a process called "stereopsis" your brain brings the two views together into a single three dimensional image.

IMAX 3D cameras incorporate two identical lenses that are precisely spaced to match the distance between your eyes. This interocular distance allows each lens to "see" both left and right views exactly as your eyes would see them. This helps to facilitate realistic 3D images once projected.

During shooting, the images register on two separate rolls of 15/70 film that run through the camera at the same time and speed. IMAX 3D cameras weigh a hefty 240 pounds.

The IMAX 3D projector uses Rolling Loop technology to run two separate rolls of film simultaneously past twin projection lenses. To enable the 3D effect, the lenses are carefully aligned to project both left and right eye views onto the giant screen.

To see images in 3D, the audience wears either polarized glasses or a headset that includes electronic liquid-crystal shutter (E3D) glasses. While they have different technologies, both types of 3D glasses work with the IMAX 3D projector to provide stunning 3D images.

To enable the 3D effect, polarized glasses worn by the audience are precisely matched with the polarizing filters of the projector's twin lenses. While the lenses superimpose separate left and right eye views onto the screen, the glasses make sure that each eye sees the appropriate image, allowing your brain to create a single 3D image.

Instead of superimposing images, two sets of shutters within the 3D projector switch back and forth at 96 times per second, to project alternate left and right eye images on the screen. During the presentation, E3D glasses sense a signal from the projector. In response to this signal, the left and right eye shutters in the glasses alternately open and close in conjunction with the projector shutters to make sure each eye sees the appropriate image, ultimately creating the 3D effect.

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201- 999 Canada Place,Vancouver,British Columbia,V6C 3C1


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