5 Progressive Coach Builders for the Filthy Rich

The art of coachbuilding started a century ago and was elaborately carried on until the First World War Back then a coach builder would focus on building custom chassis for luxury cars like Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, etc.

At that time, the popularity of these coach building companies was questionable not to mention the entire endeavor was a costly one. Due to the ongoing depression, the chassis of luxury cars itself sold for $30,000, which amounts to $400,000 today.

However, after World War II, the coachbuilding industry finally saw a turnover. The depression abated, and coach manufacturers started embracing progressive designs and engineering. Operating along these lines, designers started collaborating with automakers and made chassis for the authentic Cadillac/ Ferrari, etc.

Today, few of these traditional manufacturers still exist but combining, their art, and technology; their modern descendants have stirred quite the rage in the automobile industry.

So, without much ado, check them out,

5 Unique Coach Manufacturers for the Rich


  1. Zagato

Zagato feature as a legacy coach builder in Italy, and started their trade back in 1919. Founded by an aeronautical engineer Ugo Zagato, this company focused on making lightweight designs for cars that were mainly made with the motive of racing in mind.

Over the time span, Zagato has successfully designed car chassis for winning luxury vehicles like Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Nissan and many more.

  1. Carrozzeria Touring

Another popular coach builder well known through the coach manufacturing industry is Carrozzeria Touring. This company is a favorite among automakers owing to its unique Superleggera technique that creates lightweight car bodies.

Build upon tiny diameter tubes, this Superleggera system can conform according to the car’s shape. Moreover, as these tubes are covered by thin alloy body panels; this makes the coaches for flexible for adapting to new designs.

Touring is mainly popular for providing unique designs for Alpha Romeos. The company has been developing chassis for the mentioned model for a time span of 60 years.

Moal coachbuilder

  1. Moal Coachbuilders

Almost a century old, this coach builder mainly imbibes the traditional techniques and combines them with modern features available to coach manufacturers today.

Famous for coach building hot rods, a winning model by this company is their Ferrari 250 GTO engine.


More than 31 years old, this coach manufacturing company, is situated in the South of Sweden and specializes in remodeling classic sports cars. Older models are often broken down by this company and restored into original models.

One of their greatest feats was remodeling the 1952 Disco Volante, which was originally created by Carrozzeria Touring.


  1. Carlsson

Unlike the above counterparts, Carlsson is a child of the 20th century and began its trade back in 2007. With the assistance of fashion designer Etienne Aigner, this company created the ultra-fashionable Mercedes CL65 that featured a hand-painted crisp white interior with a two-tone paint job.

Well, there you go! These 5 coach builder companies today are the crème de la crème of for the rich. Producing high-quality chassis for ultra-luxury vehicles, these blend tradition with modern technology best, and deliver state-of-the-art coach bodies.

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