7 types of Boom Trucks You Need to Check out Right Away

If you are into the construction business that entails loading and unloading of heavy items on a regular basis, stay hooked. A boom truck has become an indispensable asset of any construction site. With aerial work platforms, these cranes are totally on fleek. Maximum businessmen are investing in this truck considering the functionalities and ease-of-use.

Are you planning to buy a boom truck in the near future? Then it’s the right time you should know about the major types of cranes that are trending in the market:

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  1. Mobile Crane

A mobile crane happens to be the most versatile type of crane in the construction industry today. It’s a hydraulic crane that consists of a telescopic boom which can be raised or lowered by specific cables. The major advantages of this crane lie in its mobility and footprint. Thus, hoisting materials become easier even when there is a space crunch. You can rent such cranes from a good boom truck service at an affordable price.

  1. Tower Crane

Tower cranes are the modern version of balance cranes. With the right combination of lifting capacity and height, these cranes are perfect for constructing tall buildings. In fact, it is seen that these cranes can tower up to a height of 1000 meters within a flash. That’s the height of a 285 story building!

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  1. Telescopic Crane

This type of crane also works based on the principle of hydraulic mechanism. Generally, the boom in a telescope crane remains fitted with a number of tubes. Here, with the aid of hydraulics, the tubes are extended or retracted to increase or decrease the size of the boom.

  1. Rough Terrain Crane

A rough terrain crane is a perfect fit if your business demands operations off road. With impeccable in-built features, these cranes perform effortlessly on rocky terrain or uneven land. Here, the outriggers can be extended horizontally and vertically as and when needed. Thus, you can stabilize the process of hoisting without any glitch.

  1. Truck Mounted Crane

Also known as a boom truck, this crane is huge and robust. It remains mounted on distinctive rubber tire truck and renders great mobility. However, the carrying capacity of such cranes cannot exceed 50 ton capacity. If you want good mobility and excellent reach, then this can be the best bet.

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  1. Loader Crane

A loader crane is a type of folding boom crane used for loading equipment on the trailers. Justifying its name, this crane has got several sections which can be folded into a small space when not in use. Moreover, the carrying capacity of the crane has dramatically increased over the years. The latest ones in the batch can carry up to 200 ton at once.

  1. Overhead Crane

Suspended cranes or overhead cranes are basic trucks that are used in the factory. These are used in outdoor manufacturing plants and shipyards. Here, the hoist remains set with a trolley and it is unidirectional in nature.

Consider all the types mentioned above. Conduct thorough research about a manufacturing company before you rent or buy a boom truck.