The Importance of Armoured Trucks in Military

Technological advancement has lead to rapid advancement in every field. Right from medical techniques to high-end ammunition has seen great advancements. Even the automobile industry got greatly improved with the coming of latest technologies. One example where the automobile industry is the coming up of military grade armored vehicles, such as armoured vehicles, trucks and vans. The military vehicles are designed in such a way that it can combat the deadly weapons.

Technological advancement has lead to rapid advancement in every field. Right from medical techniques to high-end ammunition has seen great advancements. Even the automobile industry got greatly improved with the coming of latest technologies. One example where the automobile industry is the coming up of military grade armored vehicles, such as armoured vehicles, trucks and vans. The military vehicles are designed in such a way that it can combat the deadly weapons.

Armoured Vehicles for Warfare

Most of the armored vehicles were used for transporting valuables from one location to another. However, the usage of these kinds of vehicles can be dated back to 19th Century. During that time, it was seen the armored cars were use for distribution of machine guns to the battlefields. However, the armored car was able to provide very less protection to the occupants.

With the advancement of the 20th century, developments were made by the armored vehicles company that were designed offered better safety. The highly ballistic resistance ensured that the crew of the vehicle remains protected. In fact, the armored vehicles were not anymore used for transporting weapons and other valuable. It was also used as an anti-aircraft platform. For instances, firings could be carried out from inside the vehicle.

The Reason behind Increasing Demand

If one considers the reason behind the wide usage of armoured vehicles and trucks within the military sector, one would come across various reasons.

All-Round Protection

Military officials are increasingly talking about the advantages of using armored vehicles like custom trucks made by many armored vehicles company. One such advantage is improved protection. The military department needs to transport valuables like food, ammunitions, and other important things to the soldiers when they are on the battlefield. Hence, all the things inside the trick remains secured.

The body of the truck is highly armored and hardened. Depending on the level of protection, the steel is hardened and ballistic lining is provided. Thus, in the event of truck being attacked, the things inside the truck won’t get destroyed.


Discreet Style

The style of armoured trucks is kept discreet. They are not any more bulky. They look like normal trucks. However, it provides protection through metal sheets, bulletproof glass, and ballistic nylon. Also, the tires of the trucks are designed in such a way that it won’t stop to move, if its tire gets flat. Rather, the truck will run at a high speed.

Transportation Safe

Military department of a country are always adding new vehicles to their arsenal. They not only make the transportation safe, but can also handle any situation. The discreet look won’t allow others to know what’s inside the trucks. Even if the truck is attacked it won’t get destroyed.

Why One Should Go For It?

The importance of armoured trucks is that being fast moving they can easily reach war zone and take over the situation. The strong bumpers can easily remove the obstacles. The trucks can become highly resistant to corrosion. Also, the trucks can be used for saving hostages.

For any military operation, armoured vehicles can be of great use. It can protect the people and also those who are serving for the country in a beautiful manner. Contact an armored vehicles company to start ordering!

What is the Death Defying History of Niagara Scow?

About a century ago, Niagara Falls tours from Toronto have played a host to a daring rescue.  Two men have teetered on edge of death while fighting the forces of nature. The dangerous incident with a legendary rescue had been witnessed by several people in 1918. This is a common story that you will get to hear in the Niagara Falls area. As a matter of fact, evidence of the incident sits along the Niagara Falls.

In this blog we are going to talk about the true history behind the Niagara Scow.

6th August, 1918

On a summer afternoon, a steel-bottom sand barge was sailing on Niagara River. A barge is also known as the scow. This is a flat bottom vessel that is attached to the tugboat. The Captain John Wallace and his crew met with intense current around 1 mile upriver and had broken loose of the tug. It swayed out of control and made its way towards the Horseshoe Fall. Two crew members James and Gustav were stuck aboard the scow as it had been inched closer to the edge.

The Narrow Escape of James and Gustav

Gustav Lofberg and James Henry Harris felt extremely terrorized and panic as they sat on the scow. While they headed towards the mighty Horseshoe Falls, they could do nothing but watch and hope. Several people had gathered to watch the barge making its way through the rapids of the Niagara Falls tours from Toronto River. However, nobody could help out the man to escape. He heavy barge had been out of control and the perimeter had been blocked by the World War security measures  which had been designed to protect the power station of Niagara Falls that you can see on your Niagara Falls tours from TorontoOnlookers could simply stand behind the barbed wired and guards and watch while men inched towards a horrifying drop.

About half a mile from the edge of Horseshoe Gall, the horror of the crowd turned to relief as the scow grounded on a rocky shoal.  James and Gustav hurried to land the rock shoal in the middle off the torrents of the water. There wasn’t an easy way to rescue the crew for reaching out to the beach men.

The Rescue

James and Gustav were decided to get ashore but the options had been pretty limited. Being desperate, they started ripping out timbers from the inner portion of the barge. This created a windlass.

The men hoped that the rescue crews of the Niagara Falls tours from Toronto could somehow reach out to the rope line to the perch from the shore.  This was a risky proposition. The windlass was far from being reliable and it had not been tested. In case the boat was to be dislodged from this rock prior to being secured to the rope properly, the men is going to risk a potentially fatal descent from the Horseshoe Fall. It was almost nightfall when the rope made its way towards the two men. The windlass had been pretty successful in moving the scow for securing the breeches buoy in between the power plant and the watercraft.

However, for Loftberg and Harris, the attempt had been unsuccessful. The rescuers agreed that it was too dark to be fixed. Hence, it was delayed until morning.

If you want to know about the incident, you should visit Niagara Falls through Niagara Falls tours from Toronto.

How to Save an Insane Amount of Money on Your Next Car Rental?

Have you ever thought that you might be paying too much for the car rental services you have hired? Within the car rental industry, you will come across different price charts. Even if one is taken for a simple ride to the airport, clients are charged huge amount of money. Many airports are also coming up with airport car rental facilities. Obviously, it comes at a high cost.

Budget travelers can go to local car rental in Mississauga service providers and avoid the airport rental facilities. This way a budget traveler would be able to do away with the on-airport rates. Budget traveler can visit a local car rental agency in order to get amazing deals.

Ridesharing: A Smart Option

Whether you are a budget traveler or a casual vacationer, you can make use ride-sharing services. Even though in-airport transit is becoming popular, ride-sharing services don’t lag behind. The latter can help one to save a lot of money on car rentals. When going for car rental in Toronto, you can have peace of mind. Some car rental providers also drop their clients at the airport within a very short time and that too with minimum hassles. Going for a cost comparison of an economy car rental service for a week from different companies is important. However, you can follow some tips to save a huge amount of money.

Saving $429 in Chicago

When visiting a major city like Chicago if you rent a car from the airport, you will need to give $510/week plus $247 as tax and fee. However, when renting from town it would cost around $328/week including $68 taxes and fees. Hence, professional car rentals in Toronto companies advice to opt for CTA Blue Line to Washington and then walk few steps.

Saving $259 in Las Vegas

If you rent a car from the airport, you would need to pay $388/week plus $172 tax and fees. If you rent it from a town, you will need to shell out $ 302 including taxes and fees. You can book Lyft or Uber as they can enter the passenger pickup area at McCarran and you will need to spend $8 to $10.

Save $351 in San Francisco

If you want to save some good amount of money, you shouldn’t rent a car from the airport as it would cost you around $461/week along with $151 taxes and fees. Contrary, renting from town would cost around $261 including tax and fees. Hence, car rentals in toronto advice to take the help of BART from the SFO station and go to Powell at a minimum cost of $8.95

Save $158 in Los Angeles

When choosing car rental services, you can opt for Lyft. Otherwise, while renting from the airport would have cost around $271/ week and $ 83 as the tax. Car rental from the town would cost $196/week total including taxes and fees.

For car rentals in Toronto experts, it would be better to opt for local on-demand transportation system. At a very minimal cost, one would get the chance to explore the city and also get airport drop features. Read more about car rental tips to rent in Canada!